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The Christmas Season always has a special meaning for me. This December 22nd

will be 42 years since I was introduced to the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was that particular day in 1968 having just spent time walking through a Mall in Pomona California observing happy family's shopping, a church group singing songs of Jesus h

As I hitch-hiked to my apartment

I recall


glancing up to the night sky and saying "God I know you are up there but I have no idea how to contact you.

The man who pulled over and offered me a ride had a profound question. He asked,

Mature beyond 17 years of age from years of physical beatings and mental abuse as a child. the question penetrated my heart. If there was a heaven, I wanted to go there. Was there a place where anger, abuse and evil didn't exit? If there was I wanted to know how to get thereThe man asking the question had been a Christian only a short time and though he wanted to explain it all and tried however I had more questions than he had answers.

Desperate to help me understand he asked if I would be willing to meet a friend of his that could explain it better, his pastor. The pastor opened his bible and shared with me the great love and great SacrIfice Jesus provided for the world I finally understood real love!

That evening I gladly received Jesus into my life and fully surrendered to Him.Yes there was something Miraculous in the air, 'THE HOLY SPIRIT" of God!

If there is someone you have been wanting to talk to about Jesus this is definitely a great time of year to speak up. Miracles Really Do Happen!

If you would like to know more about receiving forgiveness of your sins by inviting Jesus into your life click on the following link.....God's Gift To Man

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